POGO PIN Basic introduction

{POGO PIN Basic Introduction}

Pogo Pin is a spring probe formed by riveting three basic components of needle (Plunger), tube (Tube) and spring (Spring) through high precision equipment. It is also called spring needle, spring thimble, spring probe, Spring Loaded, Pogo Pin connector. The bottom of Pogo Pin's needle (Plunger) is usually inclined structure. The function of the inclined structure is to ensure that Pogo Pin keeps the needle (Plunger) in contact with the inner wall of the Tube while working, and that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle (Plunger) and the Tube (Tube) to ensure the stability and low impedance of the Pogo Pin.

Tyco Hanzer offers a range of Pogo Pin spring needle products. In the connector industry, spring needle is a special connection technology.

POGO PIN Basic parameters

{POGO PIN basic parameters}

  • Plunger:

    Orichalum plating(C3604),The thickness of the electroplating layer varies with the use of different occasions. Generally, nickel plating ranges from 1.25 to 2.5 um (converted to 50 to 100 u)., Gold plating is 0.125 um~0.5 um (converted to 5u"~20u").

  • Barrel:

    brass gold plating (C3604). The thickness of the electroplating layer varies according to different applications. Generally, nickel plating is 1.25-2.5 um (converted to 50-100u). Gold plating is 0.125 um to 0.25 um (converted to 5u"~10u").

  • Spring:

    Stainless steel (SUS304) or piano wire

  • Housing:

    PA46, PA9T, HTN, LCP (halogen-free material, fire protection grade UL94V-0)

  • CAP:

    PA46, PA9T, HTN, LCP (halogen-free material, fire protection grade UL94V-0)

POGO PIN Connector Product Specification

{POGO PIN Connector Product Specification}

  • A、Rated voltage:Less than 36 Volts DC B、Rated current:2.0 Amperes continuous per Pin
  • C、working temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C D、Storage temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • E、Humidity of working environment:10% R.H. ~ 90% R.H. F、Durability (life): static test 500,000 cycles, dynamic test 10,000 cycles
  • G、Contact impedance:30m Ohm Max. @working stroke(The impedance of the moving tail is required instead of the impedance of a certain point.)
  • H、Insulation impedance before Pin:500m Ohm Min
POGO PIN four major structural design

{POGO PIN four major structural design}

  • Oblique plane structure

    In order to ensure that the needle axle contacts the needle tube 100% at work, we Cut the end of the needle shaft in contact with the spring into an inclined plane. The design concept can ensure stable low impedance.

  • Slope and Ball Structure

    In order to make contact more stable, steel beads are added to the needle tube or absolutely. Edge beads, thereby reducing the current through which the spring passes, inside the spring needle The contact of steel beads is more stable, so the electrical performance will be better.

  • Double Contact Structure

    This design is the best choice for connectors with high concentricity requirements, because the design spring can be directly sleeved on the taper tail needle of the needle shaft, so that the needle shaft is vertically loaded, so the deflection of the shaft is relatively small.

  • Reverse drilling structure

    This design is the best choice for small size connectors, in small size. The size can meet the elastic demand of customers, because of this design. The spring length of the meter can exceed the length of the needle tube in some spaces. In the case of limitation, we get more by digging holes in the needle shaft.

POGO PIN six types

{POGO PIN six types}

Benefits of POGO PIN

{Benefits of POGO PIN}

1、Compared with antenna shrapnel, Pogo Pin has smaller distributed capacitance and inductance due to shorter current path at the same working height, especially in high frequency band, which is more conducive to impedance matching.

2、Based on the same working height, Pogo Pin is much higher than shrapnel in the self-resonant frequency band, with less loss, which is conducive to efficient transmission of high-frequency signals.

3、Pogo Pin can realize the connection scheme of high current, and the current carrying capacity can reach more than 10 A.

Advantages of Tyco Hanzer

{company advantage}

一、About electroplating

Because the height of the blind hole of the needle tube is over 6 mm, the electroplating solution can not enter the bottom. There will be blackening at the bottom of the needle tube, Cather, Kapin, high impedance and other phenomena, Tyco Hanzer. Especially in the way of vacuum pumping, the air inside the needle tube is all pumped out and then immersed. The plating method lets the medicine flow into the bottom of the needle tube.

二、On the Stability of Impedance
  • Excessive or unstable impedance from other manufacturers

  • Our POGO PIN impedance is small and stable.

三、About temperature rise
Production process

{Production process}

  • 1、Design drawings

  • 2、Lathe turning

  • 3、Cleaning/plating

  • 4、RoHS Standard Testing

  • 5、Press forming

  • 6、Sampling size, elasticity and life

  • 7、CCD Full-Size Detection

  • 8、Dynamic impedance measurement