POGO PIN Connector Basic Introduction

{POGO PIN Connector Basic Introduction}

Pogo Pin connectors are made up of four parts: Plunger, Tube, Spring and Housing. The spring probe formed by riveting the basic components with high precision equipment is also called spring needle, spring thimble, spring probe. Spring Loaded, PogoPin connectors. The bottom of Pogo Pin's needle (Plunger) is usually a beveled structure with a beveled knot. The function of the structure is to ensure that Pogo Pin keeps the needle (Plunger) in contact with the inner wall of the tube (Tube) while working, so that the current mainly passes through it. Gold-plated needles (Plunger) and tubes (Tube) ensure the stability and low impedance of Pogo Pin.

Tyco Hanzer offers a range of Pogo Pin spring needle products. In the connector industry, spring needle is a special connection technology.

POGO PIN Basic Connector Parameters

{POGO PIN connector basic parameters}

  • Plunger(Plunger):

    Orichalum plating(C3604),The thickness of the electroplating layer varies with the use of different occasions. Generally, nickel plating ranges from 1.25 to 2.5 um (converted to 50 to 100 u).”), Gold-plated 0.125um~0.5um(Conversion to 5u”~20u”)。

  • Barrel(Barrel):

    Brass gold plating (C3604), the thickness of the electroplating layer varies with the use of different occasions, generally nickel plating 1.25-2.5 um (converted to 50-100u"). Gold plating is 0.125 um to 0.25 um (converted to 5u"~10u").

  • Spring(Spring) :

    Stainless steel(SUS304)Or piano wire

  • Rubber core(Housing):

    PA46,PA9T,HTN,LCP(Halogen-free materials, fire protection grade UL94V-0)

  • CAP(CAP):

    PA46,PA9T,HTN,LCP(Halogen-free material, fire protection grade UL94V-0)

POGO PIN Connector Product Specification

{POGO PIN Connector Product Specification}

  • A、Rated voltage:Less than 36 Volts DC B、Rated current:2.0 Amperes continuous per Pin
  • C、working temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C D、Storage temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • E、Humidity of working environment:10% R.H. ~ 90% R.H. F、Durability (Life): Static test 500,000 cycles, dynamic test 10,000 cycles
  • G、Contact impedance:30m Ohm Max. @working stroke(The impedance is lower than that during the whole working stroke)
  • H、Insulation impedance before Pin:500m Ohm Min
POGO PIN Advantages of Connectors

{Advantages of the POGO PIN connector}

IPX6-IPX7 Grade waterproof design

Small outline

High temperature resistance

Corrosion resistance

Provide customized design

  • 1.In mold injection

    In mold injection design can reach the waterproof level of ipx8

  • 2.O-ring type

    O-ring The design can reach the waterproof level of ipx7

  • 3.Dispensing type

    Dispensing design can reach the waterproof level of IP68

POGO PIN Connector application scope

{POGO PIN connector application range}

1、Mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart bracelets, VR, Bluetooth headsets, children's smart toys, digital 3C and other consumer electronics applications.

Production process

{Production process}

  • 1、Design drawings

  • 2、Lathe turning

  • 3、Cleaning / plating

  • 4、ROHS standard test

  • 5、Riveting molding

  • 6、Sampling size, elasticity and service life

  • 7、CCD full size detection

  • 8、Full measurement of dynamic impedance