Basic introduction of magnetic suction connector

{basic introduction}

It can not only achieve good high-frequency signal transmission, but also provide more than 10A current charging. It can also provide high-speed data transmission and realize fast charging. Magnetic Absorption Function Can Realize Beauty for Products Appearance design, and can solve the charging line pull host (laptop, mobile phone and other high-end equipment) to its drop damage and other issues. In the actual use of magnetic data lines, many customers neglect the connection process produced. For the electronic problems of students, Tyco uses its own advantages and scientific and technological means to effectively deal with contact impedance and arc.

Basic parameters of magnetic suction connector

{Basic parameters}

  • 1.0 PLATING:
  • 1)Contact plating:brass Au3u"-Au50u"over 50-80u" Ni
  • 2)Contact solder area plating: brass Au3u"-Au50u" over 50-80u" Ni
  • 3)Spring: SUS
  • 4)Housing:LCP
  • 5)magnet:Al-Fe-B N52
  • 2.0 Rated voltage(Per Contact): 5-64 Volts
  • 3.0 Rated Current(Per Contact): 60A maximum
  • 4.0 Insulation Resistance: 100MEGA OHMS Minimum
  • 5.0 Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 100VRMS at 60HZ
  • 6.0 Contact Resistance: 100mΩ maximum at pogo pin
  • working stroke
  • 7.0 Recommended Working Stroke&Force:
  • 1)Stroke 1.0mm(Per Contact):55gf±15gf
  • 2)Stroke 1.5mm(Per Contact):85gf±15gf
  • 8.0 Mechanical life:
  • 1)0.8mm(Mechanical life):10000 cycles Min
  • 9.0 Working Temperature Range: -30~85°
Five Characteristics of Magnetic Absorption Connector

{Five characteristics}

  • 01
    More secure

    Intelligent Power-off Protection of Inserted Connector

  • 02
    More convenient

    Plug-free Adsorption Linking Super-strong Magnetic Adsorption

  • 03
    More fashionable

    Changing the way traditional connectors work

  • 04
    More efficient

    Synchronization of Charging and Transmission

  • 05

    Waterproof grade up to IPX8

Application of magnetic suction connector

{Magnetic connector application}

  • Tablet PC

  • Notebook

  • Smart Bracelet

  • Bluetooth headset

  • Robot

  • Intelligent audio

  • Medical apparatus and instruments

  • Intelligent water cup

Case study of magnetic suction connector

{Magnetic connector case}

Ten Tests of Magnetic Absorption Connectors

{Magnetic connector top ten test}}

  • Film thickness
  • Elastic
  • Resistance
  • Life
  • Plugged
  • flexing
  • Temperature rise
  • Salt spray
  • Suction
  • Coating Adhesion
Production process

{Production process}

  • 1、Design drawings

  • 2、Lathe turning

  • 3、Cleaning/plating

  • 4、RoHS Standard Testing

  • 5、Riveting molding

  • 6、Sampling size, elasticity and life

  • 7、CCD Full-Size Detection

  • 8、Dynamic impedance measurement